• Tubular Stranding Machine from ningbo capstian technology

    Tubular Stranding Machine

    Tubular Stranders, Tube Type Stranding Line.

  • High Speed Tubular Stranding Machine


    ubular stranding machine (tubular closer/tubular strander) is specially used for stranding 7, 12, 19, 24, 36 copper, aluminum, ACSR, AAC,AAAC and aluminum alloy wire. It is also used for compacted and non compacted steel strands made of galvanized or stainless steel wire, compacted or non-compacted, pre-stressed and non-stressed elevator wire ropes.


    Our Advantage:

    • Fully enclosed single and double large bearing support, super stable.
    • Large bearing high temperature monitoring and lubricating oil flow monitoring.
    • Independent motor drive or shaft drive dual choice.
    • Color HMI and PLC coordinates and manages the unit.
    • The main stranding cage is annealed at high temperature.
    • Mechanical tension combination of electromagnetic tension machine.
    • High precision dynamic balance test.

    Main Components:

  • High Speed Tubular Stranding Machine Series

    Different configurations are used according to the specifications of customer' cables.

    GJJ-1250+630/6 Tubular Type Lay-up Machine With 1250 Bow Pay-off from capstian tech
    GJJ-1250+630/6 Tubular Type Lay-up Machine With 1250 Bow Pay-off

    Central 1250mm pay-off and 630mm 6 reels integrated stranding cage machine.

    GJJ-500/1+6 Tubular Twisting Machine of capstian tech

    GJJ-500/1+6 Tubular Twisting Machine

    Separate motor or shaft driving.
    Hysteresis tension and electric magnetic powder tension.
    We provide low invest type too.
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK500/1+6+12+18+24 from capstian tech
    GJJ-300/1+6 Tubular Stranding Machine
    Max Rotation speed reach to 1300rpm.
    Pneumatic clamping bobbin + hysteresis tension.
    Single wire diameter: 0.8-2.6mm.
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/12+18 from capstian tech
    GJJ-500/12+1 Tubular Strander Line
    Stranding 18 core steel wire and strand rope.
    Mechanical tension+Pneumatic clamping.
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/1+6+12+18 from capstian tech
    GJJ-800/6F Tubular Type Twist Rope Machine
    Stranding steel wire core wire.
    Max single core upto 15mm.
    Max stranding core upto 45mm.
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/1+6+12+18+24 from capstian tech
    GJJ-630/1+6 Dual Bearing Type Tubular Closer
    Dual or three bearing support.
    External walking wire.
    Max rotation speed reach to 550rpm.

  • The Application Field of Our Tubular Strander Line?

    Cable&Wire of CAPSTIAN TECH tubular strander


    Production of low-voltage, medium voltage, high-voltage cables in the copper aluminum wire stranded, can also be used for the price of insulated wires. It is widely used in overhead cable.


    Cranes cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH


    Our machines are used for steel wire rope in crane and heavy lifting industry. We produce and supply high-quality steel wire rope products.


    Elevators wire production of CAPSTIAN TECH


    Our tubular stranding machine is widely used in wire rope products to meet various needs of the elevator industry. Our high-quality steel wire rope has the characteristics of high strength and high durability. It is used in hoisting, governor and other applications.
    Fishing cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH


    Byede tubular strander line meets the requirements of strength, durability and sustainability, which constitutes an example of our fishing line design.

    Mining cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH


    Our tubular close machine specializes in manufacturing mining application products, including cranes, scales, transportation, guide rails and conveyors, traction cables and shovel wire ropes.

    cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH in Oil&Gas


    Our tubular strander line meets the key wire rope requirements of the oil and gas industry around the world. Our oil and gas wire ropes are ideal for drilling, tool and sand rope applications, as well as offshore drilling platforms.
    Shipping cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH


    BEYDE tubular stranding machine manufacturing a wide range of high-quality wire ropes for shipping applications, from mooring, tug lines, deep sea towing, Derrick cranes & more.

    Structural cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH


    Our company provides structural rope tubular closer for projects all over the world. We provide spiral strands and other structural wire ropes in accordance with Indian and international specifications, which can be provided in different sizes and grades.
  • Professional Steel Wire Rope Closer Machine from CAPSTIAN technology

    Professional Steel Wire Rope Closer

    We are ——

    A famous manufacturer of steel wire rope strander & closer in China.


    We will be ——

    A global manufacturer of steel wire rope strander & closer.


    We devote to ——

    Refining the tubular strander, strengthening the planetary closer and specializing in the steel wire rope strander & closer. honest business, establishing reputation, and making friends.

  • BEYDE offers a variety of High Speed Concentric Wrapping Machine​ for tubular stranding machine

    High Speed Concentric Wrapping Machine​

      • Max speed of winding: 800rpm
      • Winding pitch :Stepless adjustment
      • Winding motor power :3kw
      • Tension form: electromagnetic
      • Automatic stop of broken belt.
      • Totally enclosed shield.

  • More Function of tubular stranders for your production

    More components of our tube strander for customer' cable and wire.

    Die Holder of tubular strander  from capstian technology
    Die Holder

    50 × 50 ×200mm(or buyer's standard of drawing).

    Guide wheel hardness : HRC≥50.

    Electric full enclosed shield of tubular strander from capstian technology

    Electric full enclosed shield

    Adopt fully closed cover to make sure cage rotating under fully seal up condition, protection cover can open when bobbin-loading or cage stop.

    Dual Wheels Capstan of tubular strander from capstian technology

    Dual Wheels Capstan

    6 grooves + 7 grooves (insert ring process).Insert material:GCr15SiMn

    Front side straightener of tubular strander  from capstian technology

    Front side straightener

    two groups of modulators in the vertical and horizontal directions.

    Meter Counter of tubular stranding machine from capstian technology
    Meter Counter

    Diameter of meter wheel: Ø 500mm
    Mechanical and electronic double meter counting.

  • BEYDE Offers Many Famous Brand to choose for Your  Cable Equipments Accessories.

    Max Xu Offers Many Famous Brand to choose for Your Cable Equipments Accessories.

    We provide customers with a variety of choices in the processing of cable and wire equipment, including bearings, motors, frequency converters, IHM, etc. Each component can meet your different configuration needs. Please rest assured that all accessories come from international and domestic first-line brands, with comprehensive guarantee of quality, durability and performance. If you have specific requirements for any part, please feel free to contact us!

  • ACSR Making Machine

    Tubular stranding machien main use for twisting steel wire of ACSR,AAC,AAAC.

  • More videos of Max Xu' Tubular stranding machine

    Max Xu - Social media. and know more informations.

  • More Details of Tubular Closer Line

    product image
    Линия сигарной скрутки JJG500-630/1+6/1+12
    product image
    Cableadoras tubulares o a liras GJJ500-630/1+6
    product image
    Máy bện dây đồng xì gà GJ-630/1+6
    product image
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