• Rigid Frame Stranding Machine from ningbo capstian technology

    Rigid Frame Stranding Machine

    Rigid Stranders, Armoring Line, Rigid Stranding Line.

  • High Speed Rigid Stranding Machine


    The Rigid Strander/Cabler is suitable for the concentric stranding of bare conductors for low, medium and high voltage applications, Cabling insulated conductors for control cables, Screened power cables and Steel wire armouring.

    • Stranding of unilay, reverse concentric, round, compressed, compacted conductors.
    • Strand ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) conductors.
    • Strand AAAC (All Aluminum Alloy) Conductors.
    • Strand Milliken (segmented) conductors.
    • Armouring and screening.
    • Cabling insulated conductors for control cables.
    • Typical lines include the capability to strand 19 or 91 elements in a single pass with tandemizing options to further enhance the line’s capabilities

    Main Components:

    • Central pay-off stand.
    • Pre-former
    • Stranding cage
    • Loading reel system
    • Assembling die holder
    • Rotation compact head
    • Wrapping head
    • Capstan/Hual-off
    • Take-up and traverse line stand
    • Control system
    • Transmission system
    • Wearing parts.
  • Main Model of Rigid Stranding Machine?

    Machines with different configurations are used according to the specifications of customer' cables.

    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK500/1+6+12+18 from capstian tech
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK500/1+6+12+18

    Mainly used for stranding 37 conductors upto 185mm2, adopt manual single bobbins loading system.

    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/1+12+18+24 capstian tech
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK500/1+12+18+24
    Mainly used for stranding 54 conductors upto 300mm2, and is mainly used for twisting LV, MV,HV or ACSR outer aluminum layer.
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK500/1+6+12+18+24 from capstian tech
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK500/1+6+12+18+24
    Mainly used for stranding 61 conductors upto 400-630mm2, adopt copper screening and armoring
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/12+18 from capstian tech
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/12+18
    Mainly used for stranding 37 conductors upto 185mm2, adopt separate motor driving.
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/1+6+12+18 from capstian tech
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/1+6+12+18
    Mainly used for stranding 54 conductors upto 300mm2, automatic loading system.
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/1+6+12+18+24 from capstian tech
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK630/1+6+12+18+24
    Mainly used for stranding 61 conductors upto 400-630mm2, separate motor driving type.

  • What kind of conductor can rigid stranding machine make?

    Circular stranded conductor  of cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH

    Circular stranded conductor

    Twist 7 to 91 round Cu,Alu conductors.A concentric stranded conductor consists of a central wire or core surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid wires. Each layer after the first has six more wires than the preceding layer. Except in compact stranding, each layer is usually applied in a direction opposite to that of the layer under it.

    Compact stranded conductor cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH
    Compact stranded conductor

    A compact stranded conductor is a round or sector conductor having all layers stranded in the same direction and rolled to a predetermined ideal shape. The finished conductor is smooth on the surface and contains practically no interstices or air spaces. This results in a smaller diameter

    Sector Conductor cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH
    Sector Conductor

    A sector conductor is a stranded conductor whose cross-section is approximately the shape of a sector of a circle. A multiple conductor insulated cable with sector conductors has a smaller diameter than the corresponding cable with round conductors

    Milliken conductor cable production of CAPSTIAN TECH
    Milliken conductor

    Milliken Conductor is one of the names or types of construction on High Voltage Cable ( HV ) and also on the Extra High Voltage Cable ( EHV ) . Milliken Conductor is used for large conductor cross-section , generally ranging from 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000 , 2500 , 3000 mm2 . For size underneath as 400 , 500 , 630 and 800 mm2 , simply use ordinary construction Circular Compacted Strand

  • More Advanced Separate Motor Driving of Rigid Stranding Machine from CAPSTIAN technology

    More Advanced Separate Motor Driving of Rigid Stranding Machine

    • With constant and even pneumatic and mechanical tension system for brake
    • Automatic stop system for wire breaking
    • With continuous pneumatic supply for rotate air package, durable sealing material
    • Dual capstan wheel, The pitch is infinitely adjustable
    • Natural wire distribution for preventing abrasion damage of wire when stranding
    • Meet to making up to 800 mm2 compacted copper conductors for XLPE insulated Cable and Milliken conductor .
    • Easy maintenance, simple operation, low noise and pollution
    • Independent AC variable frequency motor drives, process control stable and reliable performance
    • Side or bottom side lumped loading system by automatic operation, which enhance the efficiency and more convenient.
    • Full Siemens motor, inverter, IHM and NSK bearing.

  • BEYDE offers a variety of configurations from high to low endfrom CAPSTIAN technology

    Max Xu offers a variety of configurations from high to low end

    • Manual single loading bobbin system: use an electric wrench to load the bobbin into the winch one by one through the hanging tool. It is applicable to customers with few bobbins, limited funds and adjust wire frequently .
    • Automatic side bottom 45° loading bobbin system: this type under the hydraulic side is mainly composed of reel bracket, linear track, guide support, transmission oil cylinder, hydraulic pump station, electric control system, etc. It can complete the turning, hanging, positioning, footwall, homing and other actions at one time.
    • Horizontal side concentrate loading bobbin system: the horizontal angle is 90 ° to one side of the stranding cage. The loading trolley is also used to promote the horizontal movement, which can complete the one-time loading, unloading and other operations.

  • More Function of Rigid Stranding Machine for your production

    More components of our rigid strander for customer' cable and wire.

    Broken line stop from capstian technology

    Broken line stop

    Each bobbin and drum of cage is equipped the non-contact sensor to detect the bobbin running state, as long as one of the bobbin is in wire-break.

    Electric full enclosed shield from capstian technology

    Electric full enclosed shield

    Adopt fully closed cover to make sure cage rotating under fully seal up condition, protection cover can open when bobbin-loading or cage stop.

    Non-metallic wrapping head from capstian technology

    Non-metallic wrapping head

    used for winding non-woven fabrics and other materials with high speed. max 415pm, meanwhile provide high speed 650rpm type.

    Rotation Compact Die Holder from capstian technology

    Rotation Compact Die Holder

    For the production of split/milliken conductor. Equipped behind of stranding each stranding cage.

    Pre-deformation head from capstian technology
    Pre-deformation head

    There are one set of pre-spiraling and compacting head after each cage. This system is used to shape the stranded wires and conductor.

  • Max Xu Customer from World

    This is really a part of our customers. Our customers cover more than 300 cable enterprises at home and abroad, involving energy, trade, government agencies, etc.

    The longest service of the machine is 35 years, which has been fully affirmed by customers.

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  • Main Details of Rigid Strander Line

    product image
    Жесткорамная машина скрутки.JLK-630/1+6+12+18+24
    product image
    Cableadoras rígidas JLK500-630/1+6+12+18+24
    product image
    Крутильная машина жесткорамного типа с отдельным мотором CAPSTIAN 6+12+18+24/630
    product image
    Máquina torcedeira rígida JLK63012+18
    product image
    Rigid Stranding Machine JLK-630/12+18+24 Separate Motor Driving
    product image
    Rijit Büküm Makinaları JLK-630/1+6+12+18+24 RİJİT BÜKÜM HATTI
    product image
    Rotating prespiralled compacting unit
    product image
    Máy bện lồng(cưỡng bức) 630/1+6+12+18+24
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