• Haul-off Machine from ningbo capstian technology

    Haul-off Machine

    Traction Device, Wheel Capstan, Pneumatic Caterpillar, Pulling Haul Off Machine.

  • Caterpillar&Hual-off for Cable and Wire Manufacturing


    Caterpillar type haul-off machine is used for wire and cable manufacturing, as auxiliary machine of wire extruding, wire armoring, wire screening, cable laying, lapping, taping and rewinding line.



    Processing technology

    • Belt material: outer rubber, inner layer with high strength mesh reinforcement
    • Structural features: The frame is made of medium-thick steel plate bending process, with beautiful appearance and firm structure. The special pneumatic system design and high-quality components ensure that the track can hold the cable under a small cylinder pressure without deforming it. The system design of the volume makes the static performance of the system better, thus ensuring the smooth traction speed.
    • Low & easy maintenance
    • Multiple applications possible
    • All machines are fully Guarded
    • No requirements for multi step gear boxes
    • High safety standards approved as IE2.
    • New caterpillars can be integrated in existing lines
    • Compatible with Industry 4.0 norms & IOT Enabled
    • Electro mechanical switches are given for operator safety during running
  • 800KG-5000kg Pneunatic Caterpillar for You from CAPSTIAN technology

    800KG-5000kg Pneunatic Caterpillar for You

    • AC motor, frequency inverter speed contro

    • Four speed gearbox, worm reducer

    • Infrared meter counter, meter recording error ≤ 3 ‰

    • Pneumatic tensioning

    • Rubber tape prevents damage to the cable

    • High precision display of ammeter, tachometer and voltmeter

    • Forward and reverse optional

    • Air pressure and air source load display

  • different purpose 800KG-5000kg Pneunatic Caterpillar for You from CAPSTIAN technology

    Main Different Application of Pneunatic Caterpillar for Customer's Production Line

    • Cable extrusion line machine: real and front traction purpose.

    • Rewinding machine: pulling the cable walking.

    • Rotationg machine, cabling machine, twisting machine.

    • 500kg-15000kg different traction force.

    • With meter counter equipped inside.


  • More considerate services to facilitate customers' production and operation

    Customized parts according to customer production line

    TQD800 caterpillar  from capstian technology


    TQD1600 pneumatic caterpillar from capstian technology


    TQD2500 caterpillar  haul-off machine from capstian technology


    TQD3200 traction delvice from capstian technology


    TQD81600 caterpillar from capstian technology


  • Wheel Type Capstan Machine

    Precision processing, strong manufacturing capacity

    Small Laying-up Machine Purpose dual wheel capstan unit  from capstian technology

    Small Laying-up Machine Purpose

    Semi Closed Type capstan wheel from capstian technology

    Semi Closed Type

    Big Cabling Machine purpose wheel capstan unit from capstian technology

    Big Cabling Machine purpose

    Stranding Machine Purpose wheel capstan from capstian technology

    Stranding Machine Purpose

    Extruder Machine Purpose capstan wheel  from capstian technology

    Extruder Machine Purpose

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  • Technical Sheet of Cable Haul-off Machines

    product image
    Caterpillar para linha de extrusão