• extruder machine parts from ningbo capstian technology

    Cable Extruder Parts

    Laser diameter guage, Sparker, Casptan, Accumulator, Copper wire pre-heater, Cross-head, etc.

  • Fully Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine

    Main feature:
    The cable and wire extruder occupies a very important step in the process of cable production, and each component is the key factor to determine the quality of the extruder. Beyde provides high-quality accessories to meet the different needs of customers, selects the best raw materials, and manufactures the world's top equipment through precision processing.


    The main components are as follows:
    • Laser diameter guage.
    • Sparker.
    • Casptan.
    • Accumulator.
    • Copper wire pre-heater.
    • Cross-head.
    • Printer.
    • Powder filter machine.
  • More considerate services to facilitate customers' production and operation

    Customized parts according to requirement for extrusion line

    Ribbon printing machine from capstian technology

    Ribbon Printing Machine

    • Cable diameter:10-120mm meter counter range:0-9999m Display length:1-9999m
    • Printting speed: 60m/min Printing high:2.5-3.2mm
    • Printing depth:0.1mm
    Oil Printer from capstian technology
    Oil Printer
    • Printing wheel: OD100mm, inner diameter:20mm, max width 25mm
    • Power: single phase: 220V
    • Maximum speed: 500M / min,
    • Ink box: made of stainless steel, with 2 randomly provided
    copper conductor pre-heater from ningbo capstian tech

    Copper Conductor Pre-heater

    • Input power voltage: AC 220V
    • Max speed: 0-400M / min
    • Max temperature: 0-400 ℃
    • Wire diameter; Single copper 0.5-1.7mm, stranded wire 0.5-3.0mm
    • Diameter of copper wheel: 200mm
    Laser diameter guage from capstian technology

    Laser Diameter Guage

    • Measuring range: 0.1mm-45mm
    • Accuracy: ± 0.002mm
    • Power supply: AC 180 ~ 260V 50Hz
    • Working temperature: - 5 ~ + 50 ℃
    • Connectable PLC
    Sparker Tester from capstian technology

    Sparker Tester

    • Input voltage: AC220V
    • Output high voltage: 0-15kV, 0-25kV or 0-50kV
    • Linear speed: 500M / min
    • Electrode length: 600mm
    • Diameter: Φ 40mm
    Horizontal accumulator from capstian technology

    Horizontal accumulator

    • Storagecapacity: About 210m.
    • Track length:About 12m.
    • Storage wheel:10 / 11 wheel set, Φ400mm, aluminum alloy,
    • Drive: AC motor + reducer+ magnetic powder tension controller.
    • Displacement detection signal: whole process
    Meter Counter from capstian technology

    Meter Counter

    •  Outer circumference of meter wheel: 500mm 
    • Max meter length: 9999 meters 
    • Two half meter rollers horizontally  placed on the linear track bearing through thespring. The two 
    • Rollers can move freely and adjust the wire size adaptively,.
    • Dgital and merchanic dual show
    hopper and dryer from ningbo capstian

    Automatic Hopper&Dryer

    • Specification: 25-1000kg
    • All digital p.i.d control LED status display
    • Timed automatic startup
    • Intermittent drying mode
    • Applicable material: granular
    • Intelligent temperature regulation control
    Plastic Mixing Machine from capstian technology

    Plastic Mixing Machine

    • Specification: 25kg-50kg-100kg-150kg-200kg-300kg
    • Dry and wet dual use
    • Overheating protection
    • Speed: 85r / min
    • All stainless steel material, stable and durable
    Plastic crusher from capstian technology

    Plastic crusher

    • Specification: 160-960mm
    • Capacity: 100-1500kg
    • Number of fixed blades: 2-4
    • Number of moving blades: 9-30
    • High efficiency motor + mute treatment
    • High strength blade material
  • Automatic PLC Coiling and Packing Integrated Machine from CAPSTIAN technology


    Coling and packing the building, PVC wire, insulation wire and so on.



    It can be connected with a pay off machine or an extruder.

    Microcomputer memory, 99 Kinds of specifications, optional

    Full automatic PLC, IHM control.

    No manual operation, conveying, winding and coating machine.

    Servo motor rotation system.

    Automatic error detection function, real-time reminder

  • Ultraviolet Irradiation Crosslinking Machine from CAPSTIAN technology

    Ultraviolet Irradiation Crosslinking Machine

    1. Main purpose of equipment:

    This equipment is used to produce UV irradiation crosslinked polyethylene cables and halogen-free low smoke flame retardant polyolefin irradiation crosslinked wires.


    2. Main technical parameters of equipment:

    • Power supply: three-phase four wire voltage: AC 380V.
    • UV LED lamps: there are 14 lamps in 4 groups, with 252 lamp beads per lamp tube.
    • UV LED lamp power: 1KW × 14.
    • Smoke exhaust fan: 2.2kW frequency converter control.
    • Fan speed range: 0-2900r / min.
    • Temperature control range of water cooler: 18-22 ℃.
    • UV LED temperature control range: 22-32 ℃.
    • Temperature measuring points: 4.
    • 14 current monitoring points.
    • Service life of LED ultraviolet lamp: more than 30000 hours.





  • extruder screw from CAPSTIAN technology

    Wire and Cable Extrusion Screw

    • New # 3 steel
    • High temperature resistance, no deformation under high temperature;
    • Wear resistance and long service life;
    • Corrosion resistance, the material is corrosive;
    • High strength, can withstand large torque and high speed;
    • Good cutting performance;
    • After heat treatment, the residual stress and thermal deformation are small.