• cable and wire manufacturing process from capstian technology

    Understanding simply produce cable and wire :

    1. Copper and aluminum single wire drawing: asynchronous wire drawing machine is adopted according to the thickness of the rod, such as large wire drawing machine, medium wire drawing machine and fine wire drawing machine, rod breakdown machine.

    2. Single wire annealing: prevent copper wire from oxidation and improve toughness.

    3. Stranding of Conductor: it is laying by stranding multiple single wires, and the process of bunching process (informal thin wire stranding), stranding process (formal stranding)

    4. Insulation extrusion: extruded solid insulation layer is used to prevent scratches.

    5. Cabling: used for stranding multiple insulated wires together.

    6. Inner sheath: first, filling to ensure the roundness and stability of the cable after forming; Second, binding to ensure that the wire core is not loose

    7. Armor: steel wire and steel belt are used to protect the cable from external mechanical force.

    8. Outer sheath: protect the insulation layer of wires and cables from environmental factors, resist chemical corrosion, moisture, water, prevent cable combustion, etc

  • Construction of Cable and Wire Factory

    1. Determine the specifications of production cables

    2. The supplier shall provide a list of wire machines.

    3. The supplier shall provide machine dimensions and layout drawings.

    4. The customer divides the area according to the drawing.

    5. Customers build factories and prepare infrastructure.

    6. Machine installation and training.

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