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    Running Video From Max Xu' Machines

    Main running video of Beyde's stranding and extruding machines

  • Max Xu Customers in the world

    Customers list of Beyde exported machine since 1995

    Foreign customers of capstian technology

    Foreign customers

    • Our machines are exported to nearly 20 countries, especially America and Central Asia.
    • The main models of export products are: rigid strander, cradle laying up machine, tubular strander
    • For customers in underdeveloped areas, we provide comprehensive technical support and turn key services.
    • We provide different machine configurations of high, medium and low grades to meet the different investment needs of customers.
    • We provide operation guidance for all wire machines and conduct comprehensive training for our customers' workers.
    China customers of capstian technology

    Domestic customers

    • We are the third largest cable equipment manufacturer in China.
    • Among them, the pipe stranding machine accounts for 60% of the domestic market, and the rigid frame stranding machine accounts for 30%.
    • We provide oem/odem processing services for cable and wire stranding equipment in the south of China.
    • Our factory was rated as the best design and specification enterprise advanced unit in Hebei Province.
    • It has more than 10 patented products every year and has achieved a leading position in the market.
  • Videos of machines of Max Xu customers

    Includes the installtion and working video from our orders in the world.

    Bow Type Laying-up machine

    GJ1250/1+3 with hysteresis tension

    Planetary Laying-up Machine

    GLK500/1+6 insulaton wire cabling

    Planetary Stranding Machine

    GLK500/6+12+18, upto 185sqmm cable

    Steel Taping Armouring Machine

    PD800 type for armored cable

    Rigid Strander Line

    JLK500/6+12+18 with manual loading bobbin

    Crable Laying-up Machine

    CLY1250/1+1+3 for cabling insulated wire

    Tubular Stranding Machine

    GJJ400/1+6 with 700rpm rotation speed

    Rigid Stranding Machine

    JLK630/6+12+18 with separate motor driving

    Copper Tape Sheiding Line

    PD600 high speed steel tape armouring machine

    Cable Insulation Line

    70+35+45 Radiation XLPE production line

    GJ1250/1+6 for ABC cable 3-7 cores

    Steel Wire Rope Closer

    GJ6301+6 professional steel wire rope

    How to load bobbin of rigid strander machine?

    Load and unload bobbin and locate the senson.

    High speed laying-up machine

    CLY-1250-1+1+3 individual motor driving







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