300V to 0.6/1kV Cable Production Process

300/500V, 450/750V,0.6/1kV cable machine list

300V to 0.6/1kV Cable Production Process:

Apply to produce H07V-K,H07V-U, H07V-R, HO7VV-F, NYM,NYY, like: mobile phone cable, building wire,
computer wire. Power wire, plug core, earphone wire, RVB wire and shielding

Wire range:

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Machine list andmanufacturing process step:

1.Wire drawing Process:

1.1. 450/13 Die Copper Rod Breakdown Machine: Inlet wire diameter: Ø8mm,Outlet wire diameter:Ø1.2-4mm.

1.2. 24DTW Fine wire drawing machine: Inlet wire diameter: Ø1.2-1.4mm,Outlet wire diameter:Ø0.2-0.8mm.

wire drawing machine for 6-1kV Cable Production Process

2. Stranding wireprocess:

2.1. 630 Wire bunching machine: dopt twisting multi copper 0.5 to 6sqmm.like. H07V-K 0.75 to 6 mm2.

2.2. 1000 Wire bunching machine: Adopt twisting multi copper 6 to 25sqmm. like, H07V-K 10 to 25 mm2.

2.3. Rigid stranding machine 630/1+6+12+18: Adopt twisting 6 to 19 copper conductor diameter 1-5mm. like 3x6 to 3x25, 4x6 to 4x25, 5x25 copper conductor in insulated wire.

Stranding wireprocess for 0.6-1kV Cable

3. Cabling process forinsulated wire:

3.1 800 cantilever single twist machine: Adopt twist 2 to 7 insulted core wire, from 0.75 to 6mm2.

3.2 Bow stranding machine 1000/1+4: Adopt 2-5 insulated core wire from 4 to 50mm2.

Cabling process forinsulated wire for 400v to 1kv cable

4. Cable extrusion process:

4.1 SJ-70+35 cable insulation line with automatic coiling and packing machine: Making inner insulated layer from 0.75 to 6mm2.

4.2 SJ-90 cable sheath line: aking inner or outer insulated layer to 25mm2, like 4x25….

4.3 120 cable sheath line: Making outer insulated layer to 25mm2…..if invest is limited, only 90 machine is ok.


Cable extrusion process for 300v to 1kv cable