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JLY-500/48+48 Cradle Type Steel Wire Armoring Machine

Payment:30% as deposit, the balance is before delivery.
Production date: 150 days after receive deposit.
Warrant time: 12 months.
Model Number: 500mm.
Stranding wire structure: 48+48 wire.
Wire material: Cu,Aluminum, Steel wire.
Manufacturer: BEYDE
Contact number: +8618606615951 WhatsApp
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JLY-500/48+48 Cradle Type Steel Wire Armoring Machine

1. Application:The machine is mainly used for single-layer armor of steel wire and copper wire shielding of  96 wire. It also has the function of winding metal wrapping and non-metal wrapping.

2. Main parameter: 

  • Max OD before armoring:Φ120mm
  • Steel wire diameter: Φ1.0-5.0mm Steel,
  • Rotation speed:23.83-53.01r/min
  • Line speed:3.981-30.073m/min
  • Armoring pitch:75.1-1262mm
  • Pay-off bobbin size in cage:PN500
  • Center Pay-off bobbin size:PN3150
  • Take-up bobbin size:PN3150
  • Max traction force:10000kg•f
  • Cage rotation motor power:N = 110KW (AC variable frequency motor)
  • Machine center high:1000mm
3. Main components of steel wire armouring machine:
  • 3150mm portal  pay-off rack:----------------------------------1 set
  • # type through wire frame:------------------------------------1 set
  • 18+18-500 main cage:--------------------------------------------Each 1 set
  • Assembling die holder:------------------------------------------2 set
  • Φ400/ 3 taping head:--------------------------------------------2 set
  • Φ800/2 steel tape wrapping head:----------------------------1 set
  • Meter counter:-----------------------------------------------------1 set
  • 10000kg caterpillar:-----------------------------------------------1 set
  • 3150mm portal take-up and traverse line rack:-------------1 set
  • Mechanical transmission system:-----------------------------1 set
  • Electrical control system:----------------------------------------1 set
  • Safety fence:--------------------------------------------------------1 set
4. Main technical paramter of 48+48 stranding cage:
  • The main winch gearbox is a six-stage gearbox, and the gear material in the gearbox is 20CrMnTi. 
  • After high-temperature nitriding, the tooth surface is ground and formed; The transmission has left-right and neutral functions.
  • The winch cage is composed of gearbox, seamless tube hollow spindle, winch, wire reel frame, pneumatic brake device, etc. (48 synchronous tubes are installed in the spindle of the second 48 disc winch cage, and 72 steel wire pre deformation devices are equipped in front of the winch cage). The axis line of the reel frame and the center line of the main shaft are parallel to each other. A gear untwisting mechanism is installed behind the winch, and the untwisting is realized through the mechanism.
  • Tension band is used to adjust the tension of the wire reel frame in the cage, which can keep the tension of the core wire released from each cradle stable and balanced; The center of the reel adopts trapezoidal thread structure, the screw sleeve is equipped with rolling bearing, the rolling bearing supports the center, the trapezoidal thread sleeve can expand and retract freely, and is equipped with locking mechanism. The upper and lower reels are convenient and fast.
  • Each winch is connected with the main shaft through tensioning sleeve or flange, supplemented by multi-channel tugboat support, with good overall rigidity, high coaxiality of winch and stable operation of winch cage.
  • The main winch cage is divided into 9 equal parts, arranged in four gears, and 9 wire reel racks are placed in each gear; The main shaft is thick wall seamless pipe. Tungsten steel mold or ceramic mold shall be used for all wire nozzles.
  • The main winch brake adopts plane pneumatic brake.
  • Speed range of winch cage: 23.83- 53.01r/min.
  • Range of armored pitch: 75.1 -1262mm.
5. Main brand:
  • Bearing brand:(SKF)
  • Low voltage appliance brand:(Schneider)
  • Brand of main drive motor:(Siemens)
  • Take-up motor brand:(Siemens)
  • Frequency conversion controller:(Siemens )
  • PLC    :(SIEMENS)
  • Touch screen:(SIEMENS)