SJ70-16 Rubber Extrusion Continuous Vulcanization Line

SJ70-16 Rubber Extrusion Continuous Vulcanization Line

Payment:30% as deposit, the balance is before delivery
Time of Delivery: Delivery is to be made within 90 days from the date of down payment receipt. Inform customer to inspect goods before finish the order
HS code: 8477209000
Condition of machine: 100% new, with the quantity and quality according to contract.
Country of original and manufacturer: BEYDE TRADING CO.,LTD --- CHINA
Packing : To be packed in containers, suitable for long distance sea transportation and secured against change of climate and shock
Warrant time: 12 months after installation
Way of Transportation: By Sea( factory near Shanghai Seaport)
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SJ70-16 Rubber Extrusion Continuous Vulcanization Line

1. Useful: The 70 type rubber continuous vulcanization unit is a specialized machinery for cold feeding rubber sleeve extrusion molding, suitable for the production of insulation sheaths for rubber cables such as natural, butadiene styrene, chloroprene, butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene, chlorinated polyethylene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, silicone rubber, etc.

2.Main technical parameter:

  • Diameter before extruding:Φ1.0-Φ5mm
  • Diameter after extruding:Φ1.5-Φ7mm
  • Heating form:Steam
  • Cooling form:Water
  • Vulcanization Tube length:50m
  • Tube specification:DN100*6 length of 24M, cooling tube 75*6 Length 24M
  • Tube material:Stainless steel seamless steel tube
  • Tube production:Inclined type
  • Pay-off reel size:PN630-PN1000
  • Take-up reel size:PN800-PN1250
  • Belt wheel type capstan Diameter of traction wheel Φ800mm: traction force 500kg
  • Production line speed:100m/min
  • Power supply:Ground and neutral 3-phase 380V 60Hz
  • Compressed air:8MPa
  • Cable max tension:500kg
  • Tube catenary angle:7.5°
3. Main Components:
  • PN1000 Basket pay-off stand
  • Five wheel tension rack
  • SJ-70/16 rubber extruder(Including mold temperature machine)
  • Φ16mm Single extrusion XUDONG cross head
  • Hydraulic upper seal
  • Steam heating Vulcanized tube Φ100mm*6mm
  • Cooling Vulcanized tube Φ75mm*6mm
  • Hydraulic lower seal (secondary seal)
  • Water air balance control system
  • Multi claw blow dryer
  • 500kg Rear belt wheel type capstan
  • PN1250 Basket take-up with traverse stand
  • Electrical control system
  • WEG motor and electrical parts

4. Electronic control system

  • Power supply: three-phase five wire system, 380V (± 10%), 60Hz.
  • The extruder host and traction motor are controlled by a frequency conversion speed control device,
  • The electrical components inside the electric control cabinet are made by well-known domestic enterprise Electric.
  • The appearance and color of the electric control cabinet shall be configured according to the requirements of the purchaser. The entire machine is controlled by PLC, with a 10.4-inch color touch screen cantilever control human-machine interface touch screen operation.
  • The main engine and traction machine are respectively equipped with emergency stop buttons, and all emergency stop buttons are interlocked and linked

5. The demander shall provide the following equipment and preparations

  • Installation of foundation and wiring (power supply, water source, compressed air) tube lines and related pressure pipelines (including filing application)
  • The steam input, output, and tap water tubes and various components are connected to the expansion tubes of the sulfur production line, as well as the lower seals, main engines, and other places that require water and steam.
  • Peripheral devices not listed above

6. Main Electrical Brand:

  • Main extruder, capstan, take-up motor; WEG
  • PLC+IHM: Siemens
  • Frequency converter: Inovance or Siemens
  • Low voltage: Schneider
SJ70-16 Rubber Extrusion Continuous Vulcanization LineSJ70-16 Rubber Extrusion Continuous Vulcanization Line

SJ70-16 Rubber Extrusion Continuous Vulcanization Line