Rotating prespiralled compacting unit

Rotating prespiralled compacting unit

This machine is used for prespiralled sector cores for Milliken.
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Rotating prespiralled compacting unit of rigid strander line

  • Each cage is equipped with a single wire closing device, and the wire closing mold base is a quick opening design
  • Each cage of 12. 18. 24 reels is equipped with a rotary compacting device for the rolling of split conductor (Milliken conductor).
  • Pre-twisting pitch: 1850-2050mm (provided by the customer)
  • Drive motor power: 4kw AC
  • Rotation direction:  Z & S
  • Working principle: The rotary molding device is driven by the reduction motor, and the PLC coordinates the inverter and brake unit to complete the synchronization of starting, stopping and other operations with the host machine, so as to ensure the stability of the prefabricated pitch. Each group of compacting holder can adjust the angle in the cable circumferential direction in the positive and negative direction, and can adjust it back and forth in the cable traveling direction to adapt to the rolling of split conductors.


Milliken conductor:

There is a structure or type of cable on the junction box of high-voltage cable (HV) and ultra-high voltage cable (EHV). The range voltage varies from 63 – 161 kV, 220 – 230, 330 – 500 kV. The minimum size/dimension shall be 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 mm2. For 400, 500, 630 and 800 mm2 strands, circular compacted strand construction shall be used.