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Rigid Stranding Machine JLK-630/12+18+24 Separate Motor Driving

Model: JLK630/54B.
Application: Twisting, stranding, Screening.
Wire Material: Cu,Al, St.
Payment: 30% and 70%.
Delivery Time: 120 days.
Warrant Time: 12 months.
Production Capacity:100sets Per Year.
HS Code:8479811000.
Contact Person: Max Xu
WhatsApp: +861860615951

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Rigid Stranding Machine JLK-630/12+18+24 Separate Motor Driving

The machine is used for stranding insulated cable core of control cable and steel wire armoring for cable.
Sector Conductor Stranding and Compacting.
Round Conductor Stranding and Closing.
Pre-spiral Sector/Milliken Segment Compacting.


  •  Main technical data:
    6B cage motor: 45KW(AC inverter motor)
    12B cage motor: 55KW(AC inverter motor)
    Capstan motor: 110KW(AC inverter motor)
    Central height of machine: 1000m
  • Diameter of single wire
  • Copper wire: Φ 1.5~Φ 5.0mm
  • Aluminum wire: Φ 1.8~Φ 5.0mm
  • Max O. D of cable stranded: Φ 25mm
  • Stranding pitch: 49~791mm (stepless adjustable)
  • Max rev of cages
  • 6B: 192r/min12B: 171r/min
  • Line speed of hauling-off: 68m/min
  • Capstan wheel dia.: Φ 2000mm
  • Pay-off bobbin in the frame: Φ 500mm
  • Central pay-off bobbin: Φ 500mm
  • Take-up bobbin: Φ 1000~Φ 2000mm

Main parts of equipment:

  •  Φ 500 stationery pay-off
  • #-type wire guiding stand
  • 6B, 12B cage
  • Side-bottom loading unit
  • Meter counter
  • Φ 2000 Dual wheel capstan
  • Φ 2000 Shaft-less take-up
  • Electrical control system
  • Safety fence