500mm-1250mm Rewinding Machine For Cu,Al, Steel Wire.

500mm-1250mm Rewinding Machine For Cu,Al, Steel Wire.

Brand: Capstian
Usage: rewinding cable
Pay-off bobbin size: PND500-PN1250
Take-up bobbin size: PND630
Max speed: 200-300m/min
Power: 380V 50Hz.
Delivery time: 50 days.
Warranty time: 1 year
More Details

500mm-800mm Rewinding Machine For Cu,Al, Steel Wire.

1. Application:

This production line is used for rewinding cable to be smaller reels. It can also be used to roll all kind of a reel tray which cable can be taken off from, either roll the cable with a smaller reel.

2. Main technical parameter of each components:

2.1 PND500-PN1250 shaftless pay off rack:

  • Shaftless single shaft passive pay-off.
  • 10kg magnetic powder tension control, adjustable tension.
  • Applicable bobbin size outer diameter: Dia. 500mm-1250mm.
  • The bobbin adopts shaftless upper and lower, electric lifting and manual clamping.
2.2 Guide line wheel rack:
  • Double wheel type, the lower wheel is fixed, and the upper wheel has spring to adjust the pressure.
  • The fixed wheel is equipped with an electronic meter sensor.
2.3 PN630-800 shaftless single bobbin take-up and traverse line rack:
  • Specification of take-up reel: Dia. 630mm.
  • Max load capacity: 2t.
  • Max take-up speed: 300m / min.
  • Take up motor: 4kW motor control, inverter to adjust torque, automatic wire arrangement, and manual adjustment of wire arrangement pitch.
  • The reel adopts shaftless upper and lower bobbin, with electric lifting and manual clamping.
2.4 Electrical system:
  • Automatic detect and disconnection wire automatic stop machine.
  • Voltage: 380V 50Hz. 3 phase, 5 wire. single voltage 220-240V.