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High Speed Concentric Type 600mm Dual Disc Copper Tape Screening Machine

Taping material: Non-metallic taping machine
Model: 600mm.
Disc qty: 2 pads.
Supplier: BEYDE.
Wrapping form: Concetric.
Warranty: 12 months.
Exported country qty: 40
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High Speed Concentric Type 600mm Dual Disc Copper Tape Screening Machine

1. Application: main use for copper and non-metallic wrapping process.

2. Main Parameter of copper taping machine

  • Maximum diameter of shaft passing through the line Ø 100mm.
  • Applicable copper strip disc diameter: Ø 600mm.
  • Applicable copper strip core diameter:80mm.
  • Applicable copper strip width 15-60mm.
  • Number of discs: 2 discs.
  • The maximum speed of the package head is 550r/min.
  • Tape pitch 0-200mm (stepless adjustment).
  • Wrapping motor 11KW (AC variable frequency motor).
  • Belt tension mechanical friction.
  • Broken strip parking vector detection.
  • Wrapping materials: copper tape, polyester tape, non-woven fabric, aluminum plastic composite tape, glass cloth, semi conductive cloth, etc.
  • The package head structure is a half cut type, driven by an AC variable frequency motor separately, with variable frequency control, and has left and right rotation function.
  • Tension form: Mechanical friction is used to provide tension for the release of the belt, and the tension size can be manually adjusted.
  • Use pneumatic braking device.
  • Broken strip parking: It has a vector pulse type broken strip parking function, which can stop and brake the entire machine after the broken strip and strip are used, facilitating subsequent operations.
  • A box type fully enclosed sliding door safety protection cover is adopted, with observation windows and LED working lighting on the inner door. The appearance of the lamp is beautiful, and there is a lot of space for changing the disc.