800X3 Double Head Metallic Cable Taping Machine  Steel Tape Armouring Machine

800X3 Double Head Metallic Cable Taping Machine Steel Tape Armouring Machine

Product Name:Non Metallic Cable Taping Machine

Max. OD Of Taping Wire:100-140mm

Taping Width:20~60 Mm

Pitch: Stepless adjust

Rotation Speed: 550r/min

Driving Motor Power:18.5 KW(AC Motor With Inverter)

Warranty:12 Months

Manufacturer: BEYDE
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800X3 Double Head Metallic Cable Taping Machine  Steel Tape Armouring Machine

1. Application:
This steel tape wrapping machine is used for wrapping Steel tapes on electrical cables, control cables and screened cables, armored cable to make shielding layer for wire and cables.

2.  Technical parameter of Ø800 × 2 tangent steel tape armouring machine:
2.1 Diameter of shaft hole of armoring machine:  Ø140 mm
2.2 Tape reel specification: Ø800*160*(20-60)mm
2.3 Speed of steel tape head: 500r / min
2.4 Steel tapet head pitch: 0 ~ 240mm (stepless adjustment)
2.5 Motor power: 18.5kw-4p - (AC variable frequency motor)
2.6 The unwinding tension is controlled by "mechanical automatic tension" friction, and manual adjustment is supplemented by "automatic adjustment".
2.7 The steel strip head is an integral frame structure, which can eliminate internal stress after integral welding and then process as a whole. It is suitable for high-speed operation without failure.
2.8 AC variable frequency motor is used to drive independently, and the frequency converter is used to adjust the tape pitch in proportion to meet the pitch requirements of the coating process.
2.9 The ladle machine is equipped with an air pressure caliper type pneumatic brake device. The braking speed can be adjusted by adjusting the air pressure to achieve consistent and coordinated braking and inching of the whole machine
2.10 Add "vector monitoring intermittent shutdown" device to monitor full disk and automatic shutdown after tape completion.
2.11 the machine adopts a fully enclosed push-pull safety cover to ensure the safety around startup.

3. Electric control system:
3.1 Power supply: three-phase five wire system, 380V, 50Hz
3.2 Motor adopts "Siemens" products
3.3 Inverter adopts "Inovance" products
3.4 Whole machine adopts "Siemens " touch screen operation + PLC unified management
3.5 Equipment operation direction:SZ,ZS


 4. More cable taping winding machine to choose:

  • Tangent type non-metallic wrapping machine is used for mica tape single/double/triple layer wrapping
  • Concentric copper tape shielding machine is for copper tape shielding process. 

5. The Application of Our Metallic Wrapping Machine in Cable Production: