SJ80X25 PVC PE Wire Extrusion Machine
  • SJ80X25 PVC PE Wire Extrusion Machine
  • SJ80X25 PVC PE Wire Extrusion Machine

SJ80X25 PVC PE Wire Extrusion Machine

Place of Origin:Ningbo

Brand Name: Capstian


Model Number:SJ-70/80/90/100/120mm

Minimum Order Quantity:1 set

Packaging Details:Wood, plastic as customer requiry

Delivery Time:30 Working Days

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability:10set/1 month

Contact: Max Xu +8618606615951
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SJ80X25 PVC PE Wire Extrusion Machine

1. Application
This extrusion line is widely used for PE or PVC insulation layer or jacket on house wire, lan cable and building cable etc with section area 1.5-10 square mm.

2.Main Parameter

2.1    Wire core dia.:    φ2-φ35mm
2.2    Sheath out dia:φ3-φ40mm
2.3    Host machine screw rod diameter :φ80mm
2.4    Screw rod L/D:25:1
2.7    Main machine screw rod speed:    90r/min
2.8    Main machine max extrusion capacity:    260kg/h(PVC) ,120kg/h(LSZH)
2.10    Traction device line speed:    150m/min
2.11    Max traction force:    500kg
2.12    Pay-off bobbin size:    PN800-PN1600
2.13    Take-up bobbin size:    PN800-PN1600
2.14    Full machine total power:    85KW
Electrical control characteristics
----The control system is based on PLC, and PLC sends out control instructions. PLC completes the single action or linkage control requirements of the production line, and realizes the monitoring of the operation status and operation parameters of the production line
----The software package of control system has the function of uploading and downloading all kinds of cable production process formula, and can download the corresponding control formula parameters according to the cable parameters to be processed
----The control system has the function of recording and printing the operation status and alarm status of production line equipment.

3. Main Component
3.1    PN1600 End shaft type pay-off machine:  ------------------------------  1 set
3.2    Five wheel tension device: ------------------------------------------------   1 set
3.3    SJ-80/25 extruder host:-------------------------------------------------------1 set
3.5    machine head (φ40mm) : ---------------------------------------------------1 set
3.6    Automatic drying and feeding system :----------------------------------- 1 set
3.7    8m fixed stainless steel cooling water tank+1.5m moveable sink: ----1 set
3.8    Blow Drying device : -----------------------------------------------------------1 set
3.10    500kg flat belt pneumatic caterpillar: ------------------------------------ 1 set
3.11    PN1600 End shaft type take-up and traverse line machine:-----------1 set
3.12    Electrical control system of unit: --------------------------------------------1 set

4.Structural description and technical parameters of each main component. 
4.1 PN1600 end shaft type pay-off machine

4.1. 1. Specification of pay off panel: PN800-PN1600
4.1. 2. Maximum load: 4t
4.1.3 Pay-off from: passive.
4.1. 4. Structural features: The installation mode of the pay off reel is the end shaft passive 
type. The end shaft thimble is driven by two motors to tighten synchronously, and is equipped 
with mechanical protection and electrical protection devices. It is equipped with accessory 
thimble to meet the installation of different specifications of the reel. The column
 and thimble can move independently.
4.2  Five wheel tension device
4.2. 1. Applicable wire diameter: φ2- φ 40mm
4.2. 2. Built in friction tension, and the upper and lower 
clamping tension is adjustable. 
4.2. 3. Wire passing guide wheel is set at the inlet and outlet end

4.3 SJ80/25  Extruder 
4.3.1 Screw rod diameter:Φ80mm
4.3.2 Screw rod length and diameter rate:25:1
4.3.3 Screw rod form: High efficiency twin BM + mixing customized screw
4.3.4 Screw rod rotation speed:90r/min
4.3.5 Max extruding amount:    PVC:240kg/h
4.3.6 Main motor power: 45KW AC motor, sinusoidal series variable frequency speed regulation system control
4.3.7 Screw rod material: 38CrMoALA, Surface nitriding treatment,
 nitriding depth 0.5-0.8mm, Surface hardness≥HV840
4.3.8 Machine barrel material: 38CrMoALA,Surface nitriding treatment, 
nitriding depth 0.5-0.8mm, Surface hardness≥HV1000
4.3.9 The screw cooling: water cooling.
4.3.10 The temperature controller adopts intelligent electronic display 
calculus temperature controller, the temperature can be automatically adjusted 
between 0-399 ℃, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 2 ℃
4.3.11 Number of temperature control sections: two sections of head, 
one section of eye mold, one section of head lock, 4 sections of barrel, 
cast aluminum heating ring and six high-power DF series axial cooling fans
4.3.12 The fuselage is electrically heated, and the cast aluminum heating ring
 has good heat preservation performance.
4.3.13 The machine head: Haff clamp, easy to operate.

4.3.14 The gearbox: the gears are all quenched and tempered with 40Cr, the tooth surface is quenched and tempered with high frequency, the surface hardness is hrc50-55, the shaft is quenched and tempered with #45  steel, the box material is cast iron, the gears are grinded with helical tooth surface, the gearbox and the screw are connected with spline, and the one-way roller thrust bearing is used.

4.4    Φ40mm Round sheath machine head
4.4.1 Deviation adjusting head, maximum extrusion core diameter φ30mm
4.4.2 Maximum diameter of die sleeve φ 35mm
4.4.3 The head is circular structure, the diverter material is 40Cr, the surface 
nitriding treatment is conducted, the nitriding depth is 0.5-0.8mm, 
and the surface hardness is ≥ hv840
4.4.4 The core and sleeve need not be removed when replacing the core and sleeve.
4.4.5 After low speed eccentric adjustment, the concentricity is not changed when the speed is increased to normal production speed, and the eccentricity requirement is less than 15%. The outer diameter deviation after low speed adjustment and synchronous speed up is within the standard tolerance range of cable products
4.4.6    The head is equipped with independent walking trolley for convenient production and operation.

4.5    Automatic feeding and drying system
4.5.1 The main drying system is 150kg drying and 300kg / h automatic feeding. 
This set of drying suction adopts floor type installation, and our company is equipped
 with base, transmission pipe and other accessories.
4.5.2 It is also equipped with cable overload protection and shortage alarm devices.

4.5.3 The auxiliary dryer is equipped with 300kg dryer, which is installed on the extruder.
4.5.4 The hopper of suction machine is made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and solid structure.

4.6  Stainless steel cooling water tank
4.6.1 The total length is about 9.5m. 8m fixed +1.5m moveable sink
4.6.2 Structure form: nylon guide wheel is used in the water tank, 
which can be adjusted steplessly up and down. 
4.6.3 Cooling mode: all water tanks are cooled by immersion bath
4.6.4 Control method of cooling water: stainless steel ball valve is used 
for water inlet and outlet, with water inlet at the bottom and water falling at the bottom
4.6.5 Tank size: 200mm × 200mm × 1.5mm
4.6.6 The front end of the fixed water tank is equipped with a 1.5m long movable water tank and water tank, which is convenient for operation and production.

4.7 Blow Drying device 
4.7.1 Air source: 1.1kW vortex air pump.
4.7.2 The drying form:4 or 6 multi claw duck beak type, good drying effect. 
4.7.3 The wind direction can be adjusted in all directions.

4.8.500kg flat belt pneumatic caterpillar 3 pairs of cylinders)
4.8. 1. Applicable wire diameter: φ2- φ 40mm
4.8. 2. Maximum traction force: 500kg
4.8. 3. Belt material: the outer layer is rubber, and the inner layer is
 provided with high-strength mesh reinforcement layer 
4.8. 4 pairs of cylinders, pressure: 3 pairs, pneumatic compression,
 pneumatic tension, air pressure 0.1-1.0mpa
4.8. 5 motor power: 4kw AC motor, frequency conversion system
4.8. 6. Speed range: 2-150m / min, four speed change.
4.8. 7. Transmission form: motor, four speed gearbox, worm reducer
4.8. 8 meter counter: infrared meter, with meter recording error of 3 ‰.
4.8. Structural features: the frame is made of medium and thick steel plate bending process, with beautiful appearance and solid structure The special pneumatic system design and high-quality components ensure that the crawler can press the cable without deformation under very small cylinder pressure The system design of large penetration makes the static performance of the system better, so as to ensure the stability of traction speed.

4.9 PN2000 End shaft type take-up and arrangement line machine
4.9.1 Specification of take-up reel: PN800-PN1600
4.9.2 Maximum load capacity: 5t
4.9.3 Maximum diameter of cable arrangement: φ 40mm
4.9.4 Maximum take-up speed:120M / min
4.9.5 Take up motor: 40N.m torque motor
4.9.11 structural features: the installation mode is shaftless. The end shaft thimble is driven by two motors to tighten synchronously, and is equipped with mechanical protection and electrical protection devices. It is equipped with accessory thimble to meet the installation of wire discs of different specifications. The column and thimble can move independently, which greatly facilitates the loading requirements.

4.10 Electronic control system
4.10.1 Power supply: three phase five wire system, 380V (± 10%), 50Hz, single-phase control voltage of 220V
4.10.2 The operating system of the whole machine is controlled by Siemens PLC module, which can be controlled by single action or linkage. And through Siemens 10.1 inch touch screen visual operation.
4.10.3 The communication control between PLC and frequency converter is adopted, which has higher precision and faster response than analog speed control. Meanwhile, PLC is equipped with Ethernet interface, so users can monitor remotely.
4.10.4 The whole machine is a dual control system: analog speed
 regulation and manual self reset knob speed regulation are set on the touch screen, 
and the parameters can be set and adjusted freely through the touch screen 
or self reset knob speed regulation.
4.10.5 The main machine and traction motor of the extruder are domestic
 high-quality brand DC motor, controlled by Parker 590 DC speed regulation system, 
and the latest generation of intelligent electronic display calculus temperature controller 
is selected as the temperature control instrument, with the temperature control accuracy of ± 2 ℃.
4.10.6 The panel is equipped with all kinds of instruments, indicators, switches and other necessary components, and all kinds of overload, overheating, overcurrent protection functions are complete,
4.10.7 The low-voltage components of the whole machine are all of the top brands in China (Chint or Schneider), with the advantages of stable starting, running and stopping of the production line, energy saving and consumption reduction. 
4.10.8 The control box is made of high-quality anodized aluminum profiles and aluminum die-casting corner parts, with simple and stable appearance and easy operation. The main control box is equipped with dust-proof filter device to prevent dust from affecting the service life of electrical components in the cabinet.
4.10.9    The safety protection of the production line meets the requirements of national regulations.

5. Others
5.1 Equipment operation direction: right hand machine, that is, facing the equipment operation, left pay off and right take up.
5.2 The color of the equipment is implemented according to the user's requirement