JGG-500/1+36F Wire Rope Tubular Twisting Machine Closer Machine

JGG-500/1+36F Wire Rope Tubular Twisting Machine Closer Machine

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JGG-500/1+36F Wire Rope Tubular Stranding Machine Closer Machine

1. Application:
This machine is mainly used for stranding 36 core steel wire and strand rope. The appearance of the unit is planned and designed by professionals, breaking the conventional manufacturing process, with atmospheric appearance, stable high-speed operation and low noise.
The whole machine is driven by split motor and operated through the color touch screen of man-machine interface. The programmable controller PLC coordinates and manages the startup, inching, normal shutdown and other operations of the unit, so as to ensure the synchronization performance. The operating condition of the unit is stable and the electric control system is advanced.

2.The main technical parameters:

  • Single wire diameter:Ø 1.5mm- Ø 3.5mm
  • Max strand diameter:Ø25mm
  • Through line hole diameter:Ø 15mm(internal polishing of alloy nozzle)
  • Strand pitch range:75-310mm  (stepless electronic control)
  • Cage max rotation speed:400r/min
  • Capstan line speed range:70m/min
  • Capstan wheel diameter:Ø 1400+ Ø 1400mm(horizontal two wheel double drive)
  • Bobbin size in cage:Ø 500 (buyer's standard of drawing)
  • Take-up bobbin size:Ø 1000, Ø1400 (buyer's standard of drawing)
  • Pay-off bobbin size:Ø 1000, Ø1250 (buyer's standard of drawing)
  • Main motor power:110KW(AC)
  • Capstan motor power:75kw(AC)
  • Take-up motor power:11kw(AC)
  • Main machine Safety cover:Fully enclosed electric switch
  • Capstan cover:Side to side door type
  • Loading bobbin way in cage:    Pneumatic clamping
  • Tension in cage:Mechanical tension

3.Main Component:

  • Ø1250 Pay-off frame
  • 36F bobbins strand cage
  • Die holder
  • Straightener     
  • Ø1400+ Ø 1400  double capstan device (insert material: GCr15SiMn)
  • Ø1400 Top tip take-up and traverse frame    
  • Electrical control system    
  • Safety protecting system    
4. Technical parameter of Ø 500 / 36F Bobbin cage:
  • Specification of pay off reel in cage : Ø 500mm (executed according to the drawing of the demander)
  • Maximum speed of cage: 400r/min
  • Main engine motor power:110Kw(AC)
  • Tension form:Mechanical tension
  • Loading mode:End shaft type, air cut-off clamping, inflation release
  • Disconnection protection:Touch type
  • Braking form:Plane air pressure braking
  • Threading mode:External wiring of cylinder
  • Driving mode:Independent motor drive
  • Loading mode (patent): end shaft type, air cut-off clamping reel, inflation loosening reel, pneumatic mechanical locking, linkage and interlocking of clamping and locking, safe and stable, not easy to throw out, and convenient loading and unloading reel. The reel is lifted and loaded into the cradle with the aid of the aerial vehicle in the workshop.
  • The "mechanical friction" tension is adopted for the setting out of the I-wheel in the cradle. The tension is adjusted by stopping the machine in the cradle. The tension range is 2kg ~ 20kg, which is convenient for micro adjustment and is not easy to break down.
  • The pay off frame is made of cast-in-place steel, with high processing precision, high mechanical strength and durability.
  • The double protection function of "ring touch" broken wire parking is added at the outlet end of the host and below the side of the barrel, which is convenient for automatic parking after wire breaking and wire completion. It is easy to operate and timely compensate the wire core.
  • The cylinder adopts 3*12 sections and the whole pipe bearing structure. The support frame at the setting out inlet end is supported by double row roller self-aligning bearing, and a set of thrust bearing is added to ensure the bearing capacity of the axial movement of the cylinder; The middle and outlet.
  • New oil-gas lubrication (patent); Separate oil pump and motor supply oil centrally, with cooling system, thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, dual functions of lubrication and cooling, independent oil tank, underground installation, small floor area and clean working conditions.
  • Monitoring and protection: the main engine is equipped with protection functions such as high temperature monitoring of large bearing and lubricating oil flow monitoring, which can automatically stop when it runs beyond the limit, and prompt on the man-machine interface to avoid damage to other hardware during bad operation and get timely maintenance
  • The cylinder is made of thick wall steel pipe. The internal stress shall be eliminated before processing, and the dynamic balance correction shall be carried out after processing. The opening of each cylinder must be in the same axis and circumferential direction, and the opening deviation shall be ≤ 2mm.
  • Braking mode: plane air pressure braking device is adopted; Unified coordination by PLC: variable frequency motor controller, braking resistor, air brake, etc. jointly complete the slow stop, fast stop, emergency stop and other operations of the whole machine. Ensure the synchronization of the whole machine.
  • The main machine adopts external wiring mode, with Ø 15mm through holes and multiple alloy nozzles or guide wheels, so that the wiring is smoother, without bending, scratching and job hopping.
  • The rear support seat of the main engine, the large bearing seat at the middle and outlet ends are made of gray iron castings with EPC process, which can fully absorb vibration, reduce noise and have a beautiful appearance.
  • The main engine adopts the form of rear drive, and the cylinder does not bear torque to fully avoid cylinder cracking. XPB belt drive can effectively avoid loss of rotation and ensure stable and uniform twist distance.
5. Main brand of motor and electrical etc:
  • Bearing brand:(Ha,Wa,Luo)
  • Big bearing:(WA,FANG,DIAN)
  • Inverter:(SIEMENS)
  • Driving motor:(SIEMENS)
  • Touch screen:(SIEMENS)
  • Electrical components:(SCHNEIDER)