1000-1600mm Hydraulic pay-off and take-up with traverse

1000-1600mm Hydraulic pay-off and take-up with traverse

Payment: 50% as deposit, the balance is before delivery
Time of Delivery: within 70 days from the date of down payment receipt.
Quotation base: EXW Price.
HS code: 8479400000
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1000-1600mm Hydraulic pay-off and take-up with traverse

1. Use: Stranding extruding, stranding lines, also rewinding line.

2. Technical parameters:

2.1 Wire diameter: 10~40mm

2.2 Linear speed: 0~100m/min

2.3 Height: The center height of supporting equipment is 1000mm

3. Main components:

3.1 Type: horizontal wire take-up and traverse machine

3.2 Winding speed: 0~100m/min

3.3 Reel specifications: Ф1000mm~Ф1600mm (national standard)

3.4 Reel width: 750mm~1180mm (national standard)

3.5 Load weight capacity: 6000kg

3.6 Reel lifting: hydraulic type

3.7 Top tip shaft: Tower type top, the top shaft head is quenched and hardened

3.8 Clamp reel shaft: circular slide rail type, two-way opening and closing, clamping, torque motor clamping and release

3.9 Control: It has two modes of speed control and tension control, and can be forward and reverse (foot-operated jog)

3.10 Winding motor: AC variable frequency motor + K reducer

3.11 Wire traverse: screw type linked to winding speed and fast wire arrangement (servo motor control)

3.12 Traverse pitch: 0~50mm stepless adjustable digital display, touch screen setting

3.13 Reel shaft diameter: two types, designated size shaft sleeves Φ80, Φ125 (ejector sleeve tower table structure, can be customized)

3.14 Reducer Origin: Zhejiang Redson/Jiangsu Hongye

3.15 A small operating panel is added to the take-up wire inlet end, with left and right quick rows, start and stop buttons, and foot-operated jog.

3.16 Take-up motor power: 5.5kw-AC

4. Electrical control system

4.1 Power supply

4.2 Main power supply: 3-phase 5-wire system 380V 50HZ

4.3 Control power supply: single-phase AC 220V 50HZ

4.4 The operation control system is divided into two modes: single action and linked mode control.

4.5 Use PLC and touch screen to coordinate the operation of various parts of the motor.

4.6 The unit is driven by an AC variable frequency motor and controlled by a frequency converter.

4.7 This machine is equipped with fault alarms for each speed regulating device; cable overtravel protection;

4.8 The electrical control cabinet is required to adopt a closed structure

5. Equipment installation

5.1 Before equipment installation, the supplier provides basic drawings for the buyer.

5.2 The buyer is responsible for equipment installation, and the supplier assists in installation and processing.

5.3 The supplier provides secondary side contacts and is responsible for guiding debugging

5.4 The supplier is responsible for cable inner machine, and the buyer is responsible for the external cables outer of machine.

6. Mechanical and electrical brand:

6.1 Bearings: Ha, Wa, Luo

6.2 Main driven motor: Chinese brand with braking function or independent pneumatic brake

6.3 The frequency converter: Inovance

6.4 Module PLC: Siemens

6.5 touch screen: MCGS

6.6 Low-voltage electrical components: Chint

7. The installation documents follow:

7.1 Equipment basic diagram

7.2 Appearance diagram

7.3 Electrical schematic diagram

7.4 Electrical wiring diagram

7.5 Electrical tubeline wiring diagram

8. Equipment operation direction: Right hand, that is, facing the equipment operation, left to release, right to receive.


1000-1600mm Hydraulic pay-off and take-up with traverse