How to load and unload reel of rigid stranding machine?

Loadreel and locate the sensor of rotating cage

Rigid frame strander occupies a very important position in the daily cable and wire
production, and is also the base equipment for the production of high and low voltage cables. Especially in the production of power cables and ACSR.

rigid stranding machine with automatic loading reel device


Manualloading and unloading reel mode: mainly through the electric wrench, through
the crown block inside the cable factory, manually move the reel into the cage, and then manually tighten and loosen it. This method is a good choice for customers with simple structure and limited investment, such as Line 19-30 wire structure. However, another disadvantage is that in the production of more than 30 wire, the structure needs to reach 12+18+24, or 6+12+18+24 large square cable structure. Because there are too many loading reels for copper and aluminum conductors, manual loading is very cumbersome and time-consuming.

rigid stranding machine with manual loading bobbin system

2). Automatic loading and unloading reel mode: itsmain function is to load and unload all the reels on the side of the machine at one time through the hydraulic loading reel device. It is simple to operate and saves time. As the rigid strander line is a three part structure, take 18 reels as an example, the whole cage is divided into three parts, and each row has 6 reels.The centralized loading reel system can be installed on 6 reels at a time, which is very convenient.

rigid stranding machine from China wire machine expert


What about operating the loading reeldevice? 

1). When the machine is installed, there isa gear handle on one side of the stranding cage, which is divided into neutral gear, normal operation and loading reel gear. Turn on the loading reel gear to start the next step. When the machine is rotating, it is necessary to adjust the gear to the normal gear.

Gear of rigid stranding machine

2).The up and down buttons are set on the stranding cage of rigid strander. Please
see the picture. When loading the reel, long press the up button, otherwise, long press the down button to unload the reel.

up and down reel button of rigid strander line


Note:The customer is required to place the wire reel on the plane of the loading
reel device. The loading trolley has grooves for fixing the wire reel, so that
the wire reel will not move.

loading and unloading bobbins system of rigid strander line


What are the problems we are most likely toencounter in the process of loading reel--- location! 

The stranding cage needs to be rotated to aspecific position to form a certain angle with the reel on the ground, and the reel can be loaded correctly only when the angle is appropriate. Therefore, there is a problem. How to achieve a proper angle?

Positioning system: Thismagnet matches the three sensors. When use. Among the three sensors is a positioning sensor. There are reduce speed sensors on both sides. That is, after the magnet is detected, it starts to decelerate, and then the middle sensor detects the magnet positioning and brakin.

locate button for loading reel of rigid strander


Pleasesee the actual operation video:

Max Xu-China wire machine expert.